USB Type-C / DisplayPort AltarnativeのHPDは…

USB Type-C / DisplayPort AltarnativeのHPDをなんとかしたい場合、PMICのHPDOUTからリドライバに入るところで何とかしないとダメかもしれない。



*1>When HPDIN is Low for greater than 2ms, all DisplayPort lanes are disabled while the AUX to SBU switch will remain closed.

*2>DisplayPort AUX snooping is enabled by default but can be disabled by changing the AUX_SNOOP_DISABLE register.
Once AUX snoop is disabled, management of TUSB1046-DCI DisplayPort lanes are controlled through various configuration registers.

When TUSB1046-DCI is enabled for GPIO mode (I2C_EN = "0"), the CAD_SNK
pin can be used to disable AUX snooping. When CAD_SNK pin is high, the AUX snooping functionality is disabled and all four DisplayPort lanes will be active.